§ For the Authors

To the authors’ notice

1. The materials forwarded to the Editorial Board of the Journal for publication are to be in typed form, with two-interval spaces between the lines (including the footnotes). The numeration of footnotes is be subsequent through the paper (not to begin with every page). If the material is sending by post the author should be enclose the diskette with text in Word-format.

2. At the end of the manuscript, there should be: the surname, the first mane, the patronymic (or middle name) of the author; place of work; academic rank and degree; home and office telephone numbers; the date of forwarding the manuscript.

3. The author should be exact in referring to the source of quotations, facts and figures. When referring to the legal act, it is required that the full official title of the document and its published source be indicated in the footnote.
In the case of literary surname and the initials of the first name and the patronymic (or middle name), the title of the book, the place of publication, the year of issue, the page. For monographs written by more than one author, and for collections of articles, in which the names of the authors are not printed before the title of the book, the name of the editor (the editor-in-chief or the Editorial Board) should be given.
All the particulars concerning foreign sources should be supplied in the language of the original. If the author gives quotations from books or documents translated from on English original the original English text should be supplied.

4. The Editorial Board brings to the notice of the authors its decision on acceptance or rejection of the forwarded material. The Editorial Board has a right to abridge the manuscript and to make editorial changes in it. The manuscripts are not returned.
If the author decides to send his/her paper to same other journal, the Editorial Board ought to be informed about it.